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Want to have your next business event somewhere unique?
We can help arrange the schedule around your professional stay, depending on the time of year, your budget, needs and preferences! 


Skaarnesheimen Raw Ocean Lodge is situated on it´s own isolated peninsula with the North Sea as our closest neighbour. This means that we have an ideal location for out-of-the-ordinary business meetings, conferences, off-sites and team building. We can accommodate events for small groups all the way up to approximately 100 persons. Our main building has projector, wifi, and the essentials needed for professional events. But the surroundings will be completely different from what you are used to from “normal” event sites (hotels etc.). With the North Sea almost pushing up agains the windows, and an eclectic decorated room, you will feel like you are somewhere unique.

We have never had a more creative leadership gathering! It feelt like being on a cabin in complete solitude.

- Manager in the health sector


We have our very own chef on site, and can accommodate any menu and budget.
Typically we will discuss your needs and set up a suggested menu based on that.

We put great pride into our food, and are focused on using local sustainable commodities.


We tailor activities for your corporate event, and can host both outdoor and indoor activities that to lift the experience of your event.
Examples of activities that we have done with other businesses :

  • Ocean fishing - we collaborate with a local fishing boat (60 feet) with a ful crew of seasoned fishermen. They know every fishing spot in the area and is joyful bunch of raw experienced fishermen. Sometimes we´ll use the captured fish for the evening meal - where we prepare your very own fish.

  • Guided trail trip in the outback - We know the woods and outback of Karmøy like our own pocket, and can take you into “the wild”. The island is filled with narrow trails with a very nice scenery. Another option is the rugged Getting out into nature, sweat, get muddy and capture nature is a perfect match for a productive business meeting.

  • Surfing lessons - Surfing is a cornerstone in Sandve, and on the right days we have great surfing waves here. Surfing is very dependent on weather condition, so it is always hard to time surfing lessons. But we try to make the best out of the conditions regardlessly and have had some great surf sessions as a part of our business events.

  • Cooking classes - We have our very own professional chef on site. On cooking class events we will typically set up a three course meal where we focus on local sea food as main ingredients, and teach you how to prepare some truly delicious meals.

  • Guided climbing/bouldering trip - Skaarnesheimen is actually a great place for bouldering and some of the nearby area has world class terrain for bouldering. We can take smaller groups out on tailored climbing excursions with experienced climbing guides.

Crew getting ready for surf classes at Sandvesanden

Crew getting ready for surf classes at Sandvesanden

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