Fishing in the North Sea

Fishing has always been an important part of the Karmøy history. There are a whole range of good fishing spots around the area. We also have collaboration with a local fishing crew. They have a 60 feet fishing boat with an experienced fishing crew onboard. They can take you out to the open sea and show you all the best fishing spots.



The outback of Karmøy is covered in narrow trails that make up a perfect starting point for a nice day out in nature. All trail have signs and are well marked. It´s possible to buy local trail maps at Raw Ocean Lodge. Besides hiking in the forrest, a great alternative is following the rugged coast from Raw Ocean Lodge. Challenging, exciting and beautiful scenery.



The terrain at Skaarnesheimen Raw Ocean Lodge, and the surrounding area is an absolute Mecca for the bouldering connoisseur! Superb rock quality, and an abundance of climbing problems for ALL skill levels. We have access to a few private bouldering gyms for the rainy day. If you need a guide/trainer, we can provide you with that as well.


Stand Up Paddling

Stand up paddling has to be one of the best ways to explore the ocean. The coast around Skaarnesheimen is perfect for stand up paddle exploration. If the sea is too wild we have the protected Sandve harbor only 500m away, which is perfect training ground and worth a trip on its own. Or maybe you want to experience to old part of Skudeneshavn from the sea.



Locals have been surfing in Karmøy since 1990, and there is a small knitted surf community in place. All though usually not as good as its neighbour in south - Jæren - nor its distant relativ in the north - Lofoten - its a suitable surf destination with quite a few options for the seeker. Ranging from long point break to more accessible beach breaks.


Free diving

Want to free dive pretty much 10 meter from your bed? The area around our site is great for free diving, with interesting underwater features, varied oceanic terrain, and some great underwater hunting spots. For the experienced underwater hunter we can guide you to some of the better places to hunt for halibut and monkfish. 

free diving at Raw Ocean Lodge

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