Partnerships - Innovation - Sustainability

Skaarnesheimen Raw Ocean Lodge is located in extremely harsh conditions. Without strict maintenance routines and quality products, the whole property will be grinded down by the salty sea and pounding winter storms.

We see this as an opportunity for innovation.

Companies that want to test and showcase their products in the toughest conditions will have an excellent arena at Skaarnesheimen Raw Ocean Lodge.


Sustainability is in our core, and all potential partners need to have a business sustainability plan, and a focus on minimal carbon footprint, or in some capacity has product development with a positiv impact on future sustainability.


Partnership categories

We are open for partnerships in multiple categories.

  • Solar energy

  • Wave energy

  • Wind energy

  • Glass & windows

  • Recycled road and surface

  • Domes and dome technology

  • Sustainable outer wear

  • Constructions - wood or other panels

  • Concrete (innovative concrete providers)

  • Active outdoor gear / climbing gear

  • Local food suppliers

  • Sustainable tourism companies

  • Cultural- or art projects

  • Sustainable cleaning products

The list is not exclusive so if you think your company could be a good partner for the Raw Test lab, feel free to get in touch.

Want to partner with us?
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