From the North Sea Garden

With a ultra close proximity to the ocean, we have superb access to dayfresh seafood. We are harvesting seaweed, clams and other local herbs to create really unique eating experiences.

We focus on quality and sustainability in all ingredients that we use.

Fresh & Organic

We are planing on building a plant dome on site. Here we will grow herbs and vegetables that will be used in our dishes. Compost from food wast will all be taken back in to the soil together with seaweed to produce nutrients growing conditions, and creating a circular ecology.

Pop-up restaurant

Currently we are running a series of pop-up restaurants where we invite in guest chefs, and set up custom concepts per event.

Next pop-restaurant event is:
TACO! TACO!! - May10th 2019


Kitchen open on request
7AM - 11PM

At present time we only serve food on custom events. For companies or private parties that what to have a special food ecperience, get in touch and we can make it happen. Follow out Facebook page for pop-up foodie events!